Home Security: How to Use ADT Alarm Without Monitoring for House

How to use adt alarm without monitoring

Do you feel safe in your home? If the answer is no, it’s worth considering an alarm system for extra security measures. Many homeowners end up signing a contract with a company to provide 24/7 monitoring, but this isn’t always necessary.

You can purchase pre-programmed systems and install them yourself without any help from a contracted service provider. This will give you more control over the setup and management of your security system while still using reliable products like ADT alarms. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss why ADT alarms are an excellent choice if you choose do-it-yourself home security. We’ll also go through on how to set up and use ADT alarm systems without contracting with a monitoring service provider.

Keeping your home and family safe is a crucial part of owning a home. ADT is a popular home security system that offers round-the-clock monitoring for a monthly fee. However, not everyone can afford to pay for monitoring, and some homeowners prefer to monitor their own security. Luckily, it is possible to use an ADT alarm without monitoring. In this blog post, we will explain how you can set up and use your ADT alarm without monitoring and offer some tips for enhancing your home security.

Installing an ADT Alarm System without the Hassle of Monitoring

Setting up your ADT alarm system without monitoring can seem intimidating, but it’s actually a fairly simple process. You must first buy and have installed in your house an ADT alarm system. You can accomplish this using ADT or a different provider. After the system is installed, you must activate it by establishing an account with ADT customer support. This will allow you to access the ADT app and control your alarm system from your phone.

Next, you will need to program your alarm system to suit your needs. This includes setting up alarm codes, choosing which sensors to activate, and determining the alarm duration. You can customise your settings through the ADT app or by using the control panel on your alarm system. Make sure to try your system frequently to make sure all of the sensors are operating as they should.

It’s important to note that without monitoring, your ADT alarm system will not notify authorities in the event of an alarm. However, the alarm will still sound and alert you to any potential intruders. To maximise the effectiveness of your system, consider installing security cameras and motion detectors to provide additional surveillance and deterrence.

Using Your ADT Alarm System without Monitoring Being Set-up

Knowing how to use your ADT security system is crucial after you’ve installed it without monitoring. Here are some tips for using your ADT alarm system without monitoring:

  1. Arm and disarm the system: Make sure to arm your system every time you leave the house, even if you are only running a quick errand. You can also disarm the system when you return home, so you do not trigger any false alarms.
  2. Test the system regularly: To make sure that your ADT alarm system is functioning correctly, it is crucial to test it frequently. Use your control panel’s testing function to accomplish this, or get in touch with ADT customer service.
  3. Respond to alerts: If your ADT alarm system detects any activity, it will sound an alert to notify you. Make sure to respond promptly to these alerts by checking the cameras and sensors to see if there is any suspicious activity. It is always preferable to be safe and call the police if you are unsure whether the alarm is true or not.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your ADT alarm system is effective in keeping your home secure, even without monitoring. It is crucial to keep in mind that using your ADT alarm system unattended may not be as effective as doing so with professional monitoring because you won’t have the same degree of support and resources available.

Tips for Maximising Your Home Security

While using an ADT alarm system without monitoring can be a cost-effective option, there are some additional steps you can take to maximise your home security. Here are some tips:

  • Install security cameras: Security cameras can serve as a visual deterrent to potential intruders and can also help you monitor your home when you’re away. There are many affordable options available on the market, ranging from basic indoor cameras to more advanced outdoor cameras with motion detection and night vision capabilities.
  • Use smart home technology: Many smart home devices, such as smart locks and doorbells, can enhance your home security by providing you with real-time alerts and the ability to remotely monitor and control your home’s entry points. These devices can also integrate with your ADT alarm system to provide an added layer of protection.
  • Secure your entry points: Your home’s entry points, such as doors and windows, should be secured with sturdy locks and reinforced with additional hardware, such as deadbolts and strike plates. You may also want to consider installing security bars or grilles on your windows for added protection.
  • Practise good home security habits: Lastly, it’s crucial to adopt good security practices in your home, including always locking your doors and windows, never leaving extra keys outside, and being cautious when letting strangers inside. These easy precautions can help keep your house safe by fending off potential intruders.

By following these tips and using your ADT alarm system without monitoring, you can ensure that your home is as secure as possible. However, it’s important to note that no security system is foolproof, and it’s always a good idea to take additional precautions and be vigilant about your home security.


In conclusion, home security is a critical aspect of homeownership, and ADT is one of the most popular home security systems available. While ADT offers 24/7 monitoring services for an additional monthly fee, it is also possible to use an ADT alarm without monitoring your house. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can set up and use your ADT alarm system without monitoring and take advantage of its many features to enhance your home security. Additionally, implementing some of the tips discussed in this post, such as installing smart locks and security cameras and creating a neighbourhood watch, can further strengthen your home security. With these strategies in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and family are protected.

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